Sunday, March 30, 2014

I've lost 100lbs!! What a milestone!!

I have lost 100lbs since I had my baby last April 2013!!!!! WOWZERS!!! I am 312.4 as of today (312.6 yesterday as the pic shows). I am soooo proud of myself. I didn't expect to see any lost for atleast another week because of mother nature but what an early surprise!!!! I wasn't going to log this weight because I am a bit under the weather so I will keep it nice and short and sweet until tomorrow.

I did not exercise yesterday and won't likely today because I am just too weak from being under the weather but I should be back at it tomorrow. That messes up my 21 day streak of exercising, but even the most dedicated deserves a break. Maybe that is why my body did this to force me to take a break since I have been on Hulk mode lately.

Well, anyway, I'VE LOST 100LBS!!!!! 130lbs more to go...hahaha! But for now...YAAAAAAA!!!! *do my dance, do my dance*

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Confessions of a Daily Weigher

I've lost 7lbs in 1 week!! Sweet!! So as I continue to lose weight I'd like to discuss areas in my journal that keep me on the right path. Weight loss for me is about being the best me I can be in all areas of my life...not just body wise, but including weight.

I'm a daily weigher for one reason and one reason only: I'm too impatient to wait a week. I need the reassurance that I am headed in the right direction on a day to day basis. I need to see the little improvements. I don't need it all at one time. LOL. Clearly weighing everyday has its advantages and disadvantages. Some disadvantages include going insane when the scale moves up .2 or more pounds, seeing small decreases instead of largers ones, and pretty much an overall obsession or addiction to the scale. :) Some advantages are that you get to keep a close eye on your weight day in and day out, you can make adjustments when things aren't going as expected, and you get the thrill and excitement of weighing each morning.

For me I enjoy the anticipation of knowing that I did what I needed to do and now it's up to the scale to show me what I've earned. When I happen to go up, I don't panic really, I just remind myself that it has only been a DAY, not a week like it may feel like. I get myself back into the mindset and just remind myself that tomorrow the scale will give me the GOODS. :))

On another note, I have on an outfit that I haven't worn in years...Hey now!!!

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Cry a Happy Cry :)

This morning I cried a happy cry to see the scale just move down day in and day out and know it is because of how hard I have been pushing to make sure I am eating good foods that taste amazing and exercising every single day including weekends.

This weekend plan was a success. I woke up Saturday and Sunday and exercised while the baby played around me and watched me too. Sunday I REALLY didn't want to get up to even do it, but I did it anyway because I hate the feeling of being burdened. I just did it and got it off my chest. As well, even though I was home with the kids for a snow day yesterday I woke up and did the same thing so I would have no excuses later in the day. I did it! and I am soooo proud of I cried a happy cry as my scale told me " are 16 pounds away from 300lbs...go ahead and cry" LOL!

Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

I'm under 320lbs....HOORAY!

So, as you see I am now UNDER 320lbs...ahhhhhh. Feels great to have accomplished such a tough feat. Nonetheless, I am here and can not be distracted by this big win as my next goal to be under 300lbs is a fiercer opponent.

I'm focused, I'm driven, I'm losing weight.

Good Day!

Friday, March 14, 2014

On the door to new territory....under 320lbs

How exciting to be on the door to new territory. I am about to be under 320lbs!!! *Place gasp here* I have some serious anticipation going on because I am 20 pounds away from 300lbs and I am still on track of my 1st goal of being 260lbs by my 28th Birthday in June. It is a doable goal if...when I remain focused and continue to do as I have been doing. I've been eating great foods that are satiating to me and very tasteful, while also exercising for 20 minutes or more everyday. Currently doing boxing mainly through my PS3 game called "THE FIGHT" and a little treadmill walking and running. I enjoy the game because it gets you in the zone where you are actually fighting an opponent that is fighting you back. It becomes more of a game to me than exercise.

I plan on changing my weekends to exercising in the morning as well as I really don't need days off as I kinda enjoy the euphoric feeling of completing exercise anyway and knowing I am doing something well for me. Not to mention I am on a mission and just have no time to waste. SO, in the morning when the baby wakes up I will head strait to my family room and work out while he plays around and watches me in baby awe. Shortly thereafter, he will pass out for his morning nap and I can then have a breather for all the hard work I just put in to start my days. I look forward to testing out the first weekend.

The other issue I have on weekends is not overeating. I mean when you are home most of the time or even on the run most of the time you either are raiding the fridge or eating out on the go. So, being able to make sensible choices and have my fridge stocked with healthy and delicious snacks should help me to beat that weekend beast. In addition to this, logging my calories like it's homework is my friend. I'm optimistic!

Happy Friday!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Unthinkable is about to happen! (Beware)

It's been a journey for me to get to where I am. I had to put life in perspective. I've accomplished so many things in life that I know this is just another goal awaiting my perseverance. I had to change my eating habits, gain a LOT of will power, and hold on to determination. It's hard sticking to something that yields very little results on a 24 hour basis. You don't see the change right away. That drives most people insane. My self included. Several scales may have been destroyed due to this insanity. So, for me to be here is an accomplishment in itself, but not an excuse to stop. I'm looking forward to being under 320 next week and finally being able to accomplish a huge goal in reaching 300..then being under 300. That is something that is quite unthinkable for me. Me, under 300?...nooooo...LOL. We're talking high school weight then. New dress sizes and all.

SO, I am continuing on to Boot Camp Week #3 Starting Monday. 1500 calorie goal and 30 minutes of boxing. Mind you, I always surpass my goal in calories, but my point in having it is to reach for it so much that when I eat 1 or 2 additional snacks it doesn't kill me.

Happy Saturday!