Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wednesday Thoughts

So, I had a great weekend of fun and celebrating my goal, but as always that sets you back a tad bit. So, back on the grind this week with eating well and exercising. It always takes me a day or 2 to get back into the mode and habit, but I am good. No more celebrations until I reach 300 pounds ok!!!! Phew! Because we can not keep having to lose just to gain to relose....unless it's totally worth it. Anyway, I look forward to a great week of exercising doing boxing and a bit different workout of go-go Zumba for an HOUR tomorrow with a friend. Lord please give me endurance! Amen!

Happy Week all!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Happy Friday (as always)

It's Friday!!! My cheat or treat day if you will. I have maintained the 320s as I was 328 today as well. I have been eating well and still exercising throughout the week as much as I can. Trying to keep moving and stay active even when I just dropping my 6 month old at Daycare. I move faster than I normally would. Anyway, I can not wait to treat myself today. So many options that I just want them all. But I am please to say I made it! Now, on to the teens....319 and below here I come! Happy Friday!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Goal Reached: I'm in the 320s!!!

328lbs this morning. YAYAYA I am in the 320s. I haven't been this weight since I lost 62lbs doing Medifast like 4 or 5 years ago. You know what that means. I get to treat myself on Friday...of course as long as I maintain being in the 320s, but I am sure that would not be a problem. Yay! And 2 days earlier than expected. Go me, go me, do my thang, do my thang. LOL. I am sure that my weight loss may be a bit stagnant in the next week as mother nature has reared its ugly head, and ladies we clearly know that means water weight galore. But this too shall pass. Happy Hump Day.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Another Day Another Loss.

Another day...another pound lost. Woot Woot. I'm justa itching to see the 320's I can taste it. I'm 331 and losing. I have to reach that goal by Friday in order to have this treat I so desperately want. Focused. Motivated. Let's get it!

Have a great Tuesday all!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Meeting this week's goals

So, boxing has been going well. Didn't do any this weekend of course but I will be right back at it this week for 20 or more minutes a day. Trying to build up my cardio bit by bit. My body doesn't hurt as much as before and my sister in law let me know that boxing has to be a consistent thing for the changes to stick. So, I am up for that challenge. This is my week for me to meet my goal of being in the 320s. If I meet my goal, I can not WAIT to get this amazing salad sandwich from CHOPT on, my greedy self better meet that goal! Happy Monday!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Down 2 more pounds

So I am down 2 pounds since refocusing. I am sore allllll over from doing boxing 2 days in a row. I think today may be a treadmill day as my arms and body muscles need a massive break. ugh. But at least I did it.. right?Right! And it paid off. 3 pounds from seeing those 320s I have been chasing....How exciting. Happy Friday eve!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Changing my exercise routine to Boxing

So, I didn't exercise at all on Monday....was tired and beginning to get a cold. I did, however, exercise yesterday. I did boxing (endurance sparring) on my PlayStation move with a game called "the Fight". And let me tell you, Boxing is no Treadmill. LOL. It has me winded and sweating out my facial cheeks....I was sweaty everywhere and passed out on the couch like I was about to die. I told my husband this and he told me that he saw. LOL. But it felt good to "survive" it. So, I am switching up routines to get me out of this 335 plateau and get me going back down. So this morning I was 335 after gaining a few pounds from poor eating this weekend and I plan on doing it again this evening even though my arm muscles and back muscles hurt. I gotta get in the habit. I'll be back on the treadmill as it is good to switch up the exercise routines when weight loss becomes stagnant, but for now Boxing is my new thing. I have the hugest urge to see 300 so I must do this! Everyone have a great day!