Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Kicking myself in the rear!

So I let myself go. Had a rude awakening as my breathing has gone bad and my knees hurt. Why? All the weight stressing my body out. Had to check myself again, and needless to say I am checked. Gathered my foods for today and am happy with them. I have to defeat this thing. Who knew losing weight would be so difficult. Its not difficult to lose...I mean the process is simple: take in less than you burn....the difficult part is the actual TAKING IN. With family, holidays, and mere poor will power I can take in a lot baby, I mean more than an elephant I believe. Somehow with all the things going on I have to find the will power within me to say NO NO not anymore...Food I will not be your foot stool. I see women with beautiful bodies and I tear up knowing that was SOOOO where I wanted to be...like SOON. Ah well, no need to dawn on that....just have to kick myself back in to gear and remember the reasons I want to lose weight. Between the knee pain and the lack of breath from walking down the hall this morning at work...I think my list just about does the motivation thing pretty well.
Cheers to a great START of a week!

-Happy Eating!