Friday, August 15, 2014

Guess Who's Back.... in the 280s

So, a day ahead of my estimate I am in the 280s!!!!!! Woot woot! Do my dance, do my dance!!!

What a wonderful surprise! And the push I needed to realize this journey is more than doable. I do not plan on visiting the 280s for long as I already have a taste of blood for the 270s :). That is 123lbs lost total so far!! I am almost 100 pounds away from my goal!!!! Amazing! I am amazing!!! I've got this!

-K ❤❤❤

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Goodbye 290s

Long time no post, but....I'm 291.4lbs

I am here. I have been hovering under the 300s because of various things including summer, my knee, and more excuses. Nonetheless, I am back in the correct mode and mindset. As I am about to say farewell to these dreaded 290s. I would like to say it was nice visiting. I overstayed my welcome, but it was nice to see you again anyway. Now, time to visit your neighbor and never see you again!!!!

280s here I come!