Monday, November 15, 2010

Amber Alert: Gone MIA


I've gone MIA for a lil while. That tends to happen when you get off the weight loss bandwagon. A lot has happened in my life that have caused food rage (similar to road rage). Nonetheless, I have checked myself and am back on the program. Hold the phone, not back directly on Medifast, but back to my calorie counting and trying to get in some exercise. I have tried Curves, walking, dancing, as well as Zumba...and just trying to figure out which one I like the most. Well, while I do is my latest FastSecret Post:

Weekend...need I say more? lol. But the weekend was really up and down....getting back in the groove of dieting takes more than just exercise and calorie counting. It takes a self check and maybe even a self snatch. You know what that is? Its the think where you yank yourself and tell yourself to pull it together..."remember those smaller size pants...remember you wanting to be smaller by X date....then GET IT TOGETHER!" I've had to do that to myself a million times now. I always said I would never quit....well,

Happy Monday and have a great week od eating...I know I will!