Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Still here...Crutching along...

Yay my 28th Birthday is tomorrow! June 12th!! So, I’ve been a little MIA, and no it is not because I have gone off course, but because I injured my knee again. It has gotten me a bit bummed, honestly, but also has now given me even more motivation. So, I went to the doctor to get my knee checked out officially, and I already know the basic reasons they will say that I am having the issues with my knee. Clearly, one is WEIGHT. So, I always brace myself for the moment when the doctor will stick that comment in the middle of his/her prognosis. So, I get checked and the orthopedic doctor I was referred to says (wait for it!) “I have to be honest with you, you are going to have to lose some weight…” -_- and I respond with a chuckle and then a sigh. And the doctor looks at me confused probably thinking I find her comments to be a joke or something. So I just respond letting her know that I am losing weight…matter of fact I am in the middle of losing weight really. At that point she looked at my chart and history and realized that I am in fact in the middle of losing weight, halfway to my weight loss goal, and that she coulda skipped that part with a lil research. HAHA. But nonetheless, more of the same to continue losing weight and some physical therapy to strengthen my muscles that support my knees and I should be as new as a baby…or close.

My general doctor, bless her heart, on the other hand remembered to look at the history first before commenting on the obvious and instead said, “Last time you were here in August 2013 you were 360 right?...WOW look at you…continue doing what you are doing and don’t let this discourage you…even athletes go through this same injury…you’ll be just fine.” As if God needed to pick me back up even further, I ran back into her as she was leaving the hospital for the day and I was leaving my referral orthopedic appointment crutching out the door at snail speed, and she continued to lift me up letting me know that she too had to stop running for 2 weeks because her knees gave her issues and became inflamed, and she is as thin as a toothpick. It was like she refused to let me leave until I assured her that I know that this too shall pass and that, as with anything in life, you don’t let the downfalls become your excuse. I needed that encouragement and I needed that understanding from someone who realized that my current weight that day would be different the next time I saw her. There is just NO quit in me.

I’m 295…..and healing…..

-K ❤❤❤


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